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25-plus years of listening, learning and writing

Industries & topics

My education, experience and curiosity has led me to explore and learn about many topics. Here are some of the fields and topics that I have significant experience with:

  • Financial services
  • Legal services
  • Health care
  • Higher education
  • Nonprofits & philanthropy
  • Science writing
  • Media, public relations & marketing
  • Leadership development & executive education
  • Technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Commercial real estate
  • Economic development

Explaining B-school research

I’ve produced dozens of articles about significant research from a top 25 business school. The goal is to highlight work done by faculty and convey how it’s applicable in business settings.

For each article I read one or more academic studies and interviewed the professors who conducted the research. Then I wrote 800-1,000 word summaries in accessible, non-academic language.

I’ve produced more than 40 articles spanning every business function — accounting, economics, finance, marketing, organizational behavior and more. The relationship with this client dates back more than 20 years and continues today.

My higher education experience includes seven of North Carolina’s largest universities. I’ve also taught writing, marketing and communications strategy as an adjunct instructor at Elon University.

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Leading with content

I’ve developed case studies, white papers, website landing pages, email newsletters, magazine articles and more for one of the world’s top leadership development providers. The client’s business involves the sales of complex, time-intensive services and training to large organizations around the world.

Every project has involved close collaboration with subject matter experts in North America, Europe, Africa or Asia. Case studies typically include interviews with executives from leading corporations, government agencies and NGOs around the world.

Content is a key component in the client’s marketing strategy. To date, more than 90 substantive pieces of content and copywriting have been produced. Work is ongoing.

My leadership and executive education experience includes four clients, including private sector, nonprofit and university-based organizations.

Communicating legal know-how

A large law firm with offices in five cities has harnessed the power of content as a centerpiece in its marketing strategy. The firm caters to businesses and business owners, with some 90 attorneys working in 22 main practice areas, as well as additional specialized areas of focus.

I’ve been writing copy and content for this firm since 2016. That includes several practice area descriptions based on interviews with the firm’s principals who oversee those practices. I’ve also written in-depth articles after attending several day-long continuing legal education events the firm has organized. Topics have included employment law, construction law and the legal needs of closely held businesses.

To date, I’ve produced more than two dozen in-depth articles based on the firm’s events. I continue to work with the firm.

My legal services experience includes three top-20 North Carolina law firms, plus three smaller firms and two law schools. In addition to law firms, I’ve also written for organizations that provide wealth management, CFO services, design and advertising, business consulting and other services.

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