What does a content marketing agency do?

Maybe it’s obvious, but content marketing agencies provide content marketing services. But what does that really mean?

Here’s a list of 27 services or activities that content marketing agencies often provide.

  1. Developing a content strategy and writing content marketing plans (download the free ebook “From Content to Ka-Ching!” to learn more about this process)
  2. Researching and creating buyer personas
  3. Developing a messaging strategy
  4. Writing blog posts and guest blog posts
  5. Writing ebooks
  6. Writing white papers (How? Here’s how to write a white paper.)
  7. Writing case studies
  8. Creating email newsletters (here’s some email newsletter ideas, by the way)
  9. Managing social media accounts
  10. Writing landing page copy (and squeeze pages and sales pages, which are similar)
  11. Writing sales letters (for email or print)
  12. Creating email auto-responder series
  13. Writing advertorials and content for native advertising
  14. Writing website copy
  15. Search engine optimization
  16. Creating info graphics
  17. Producing podcasts
  18. Developing videos
  19. Handling photography
  20. Putting on virtual events such as webinars
  21. Putting on real-world events
  22. Designing and laying out ebooks or collateral
  23. Managing paid content campaigns, including native advertising and paid social media
  24. Measuring results, including web traffic, conversions to leads, conversions to sales and total return on investment
  25. Managing other creative professionals as needed — photographers, video editors, web developers, etc.
  26. Working collaboratively with other agencies and consultants
  27. Working closely with your in-house marketers, the sales team and executive leadership

Of course, not every content marketing agency will provide every one of these services. And some content marketing firms specialize in only some of these. But these are the kinds of activities and tactics that constitute content marketing.

Am I missing anything? Let me know in the comments.

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