How to write an ebook

You’ve seen them offered on websites. Heck, you’ve probably downloaded a few. (And maybe even read them?) Ebooks. (Or “e-books” or “eBooks” – there’s still several variations in spelling commonly used.) For companies using content marketing or inbound marketing, downloadable ebooks are often used as lead generation offers. Potential customers, interested in the content offered […]

How to write for the Internet

Professional writing coach Daphne Gray-Grant says that when writing for the Internet, you should consider the advice public speakers are often given: slow down. In writing terms, this means focusing on being as easy to read as possible. This is because people read differently at their computers than they do when faced with any printed […]

Nine tips for better interviews

With the rise of content marketing, communications professionals will increasingly need to create original content. That can include written Q&As, podcasts, videos and more. And the key to getting interesting, compelling content out of those is being able to ask great questions during interviews with subject matter experts. I spent more than 10 years as […]

7 habits of careful writers

Writers who consistent produce strong, polished content have some common habits. Here are seven: 1. Double-checking the spelling of proper nouns. This includes the names of people, companies and places. Is it Linkedin or LinkedIn? (Hint  — it’s the second.) 2. Using a consistent style. Whether you write in AP style (my default), Chicago or something […]

20-plus questions to ask before starting to write

Before you start writing anything for a PR and marketing audience, here are 20 questions you should ask. Consider it a template for a creative brief specifically for writing projects, if you like. Why are we writing this? Who is the intended audience (or audiences)? If there’s more than one audience, what’s the relationship between […]